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Internet prioritaria (Critical Internet) brings together people from different countries, areas of knowledge and political views that agree with the view that properly used the Internet to effectively boost social awareness and contributing to national development and finest use of public resources.

We seek to revise the inclusion of Internet and its technological infrastructure in the list of superfluous and non-essential items published in Presidential Decree No. 6.649, “Elimination of Superfluous and Non-Essential Expenditures” Official Gazette dated March 22nd, of the year 2009. At the same time, we seek to highlight and affirm another Presidential Decree, No 825 of May 22, 2000, in which the government declared the Internet as a priority area for cultural, economic, social, and political development.

We wish to contribute ideas and experiences focused on optimizing the use of the Internet in public institutions. In doing so, we also seek to contribute to a responsible but effective use of public resources, and to the successful implementation of projects that affirm Venezuela's technological sovereignty.


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